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Spirit of enterprise
The company will be "quality of life, innovation as the driving force, as the fundamental integrity" for the purpose, to achieve sustained, steady and healthy development.
Management philosophy
Honesty: Li Cheng and trustworthy, true line real words.
Quality: Quality First, qualification guaranteed.
Performance: performance first, to create excellence.
Harmony: unity, cooperation and harmony.
Security: people-oriented, safety first.
Purpose of the enterprise
Create benefits for businesses: create benefits for businesses to adhere to the scientific development concept, improve profitability, and pursuit of the businesses to maximize efficiency and sustainable development of enterprises.
Creating value for customers: creating value for customers, the pursuit of corporate value and consistency of customer value, providing customers with value-added services, and synchronization to enhance customer value and enterprise value.
Create wealth for society: to create wealth for society, business Rui Zhixiang electromechanical ultimate goal. Conscientiously fulfill their economic and social responsibility, to create social wealth, to serve the community, contributing to society, to achieve the harmonious development of enterprises and society.